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The Seven Summits Patch Collection

The Seven Summits Series is a collection of 7 (or 8) beautifully embroidered patches illustrating the highest summit of each continent.

This includes:

• Mt. Everest (Asia)
• Denali (North America)
• Aconcagua (South America)
• Mt. Kilimanjaro (Africa)
• Mt. Elbrus (Europe)
• Mt. Carstensz (Oceania)
• Mt. Vinson (Antarctica)
• Mt. Kosciuszko (Australia)

"Wait, why are there 8 summits in the Seven Summits? That's super confusing!"

Because there is some argument over whether the Australian continent includes just mainland Australia or wider Oceania, so some people say Mt. Cartensz is the highest summit on that continent and some say Mt. Kosciuszko. For this reason, you can purchase the collection with whichever patch you prefer, or with both.

• 4 x 4 inches (10.16 x 10.16 cm)
• 100% embroidered
• Iron-on backing for application to your favorite pack or clothing
• Smooth merrowed edge to prevent loose threads

Whether you are an avid mountain climber or just an avid collector, you won't find embroidered patches of this quality anywhere else!

© These designs are copyright of Expedition Souvenirs. You may not copy or reproduce this product.

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